Friday, July 23, 2010


...That was my brain exploding, two weeks off sounds all well and dandy, till you have to go back -.-
Books to read, homework to do, sleep pattern to re-gain. I wasn't moved down from the top maths class which is always a bonus :) :)

But ah yes, scrapping. Scrapping, scrapping...scrapping...scrap...-booking...??...I think I remember how. I have been in need of some major inspiration boosting lately -.-

...OR the GORGEOUS, NEW, Echo Park range, "A Walk In The Park" also helps..hehe

You Can also check out "A Walk In The Park"'s buddy "Sweet Summer Time" at Scrapbook Savvy.

Expect to not-expect another post with some more random layouts soon...maybe -.-


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA for like....ages...but hopefully I can start getting regular with my posts from now on.

I know it's not really an excuse but school...OMG! Sooo busy, have not stopped for 3 weeks it feels like.....!

Little snippet of the works lately,

Just a short post today...
Better go study for yet ANOTHER test....grrr


...I said it was short!!!;)...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Autumn CC @ Savvy!!!

Alrighty girls...another month, another CC...lets get scrappy!

This challenge is in TWO parts!

First part: You must take inspiration from this autumn picture, whether it be the colour, or shapes, or the objects in the photo then use that inspiration in your layout!

Second part is simple: Your title must start with So....
For example, So cute-So special-So funny....get the picture?

Here's mine!

Remember to upload your fabulous layout to the CC gallery by Thursday midnight, for your chance to win Savvy $$$

Have fun!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Webster's Pages Garden Gala

This month I got to play with the very gorgeous Garden Gala by Websters pages. LOVE all the things I played around with using this range.

Using modern photos but setting it on a vintage page.....awesome!

And this one is my sample for my 54321 Challenge, play along for your chance to win some Savvy spending money!

There is still lots of this gorgeous range in the Savvy store, check it all out here!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

School Holidays Kids Class

Saturday April 10th
(thats the middle saturday of the holidays)

I will be teaching the class how to scrapbook a canvas for your room plus some cards. There is a lot of different techniques to learn and heaps of fun to be had.
Any level of scrapbooker will enjoy the class.

time: 10:30 to 12:30
cost: $30 each ( that is all inclusive )

...all you need is a 5x7 photo of yourself in b&w or sepia, portrait, (although a 6x4 will work too)
pop into the shop to see the finish product.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Load 'o' layout!

....from last savvy crop and this weeks crop!
This one using the Febuary She's Savvy kit....I'm really happy with my flag banners!

This is using the GORGEOUS kit given to me by Peta, gotta love babysitting wages!!!

And this one is another kit from PJ

LOVE this one, using the new Cosmo Cricket-Joyride

This is again using the great kits from Peta!



Friday, February 12, 2010


...all weekend @ Scrapbook Savvy! Challenges have been released and all the info is on the forum for chatting & bingo tonight. We'll also be blind scrapping in the forum at 8.30pm. Hope to see you there!! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010




Yep, Emma / brace-face it is!!!
Strange but the braces make my teeth look even more crooked! (hard to believe!)

I'm also very proud of myself for NOT biting the dentist! It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Thankfully!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


...handmade by yours truly off the wonderful Scrap A Little Blog.
Have heaps more (ouch! well let's just say I have VERY sore fingers today) But I only photographed my Favourites!

Plus a little scrapping on the side

And using even more of the We're Savvy Kit!!

And a close-up of my flowers

This using last years (december) He's Savvy Kit...GORGEOUS...a personal favourite of the kits ;)

Thats all for now,
With Sar coming back tomorrow (yay) I'll try to keep up the blogging
Well at least till school starts


Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr. Mojo...

...Came to visit me Woot!
Two down,
One for Scrap The Girls

And one for the new found Junior Scrappers

Today I did absolutly NOTHING!
I know I've been saying that for the last how many posts but today has overtaken them on the bordem factor

Better get back to whatever I was doing....


...did you notcie my new back round?!...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy day...

...doing just about nothing,
Bit if Wii fit
Bit of cleaning of my room
Bit of "arty farty" stuff
Bit of fiddling with Adam's camera
But no scrapping
Note: must scrap tomorrow!

Made a lantern mobile thing

Aim for tomorrow:
Go to the beach in the morning

Back to the boring-ness that has become my life( Jeez, almost got a bit emo there )


Friday Saturday Sun!

With friends is the ultimate summer holiday event, yeah sure the next day a bit burnt and sore but that's what it's all about aye?

After all what else apart from annoying my parents till threats are made am I supposed to do?

And going to the calmest most beautiful beach around the following day with mother dearest was perfection!

Then to top it off a wee bit of scrapping to finish off! Again using the GORGEOUS We're Savvy January Kit!

Shopping with Denise this arvo to put the cherry on top!

Now, back to my banana paddle pop! (nothing better)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My efforts for day1 @

...using the GORGEOUS January We're Savvy kit! But keep in mind I still have to put to put a photo into the last space at the bottom.

Sar was off to Queensland in the wee hours of this morning and should be arriving at Brisbane anytime now! For me, I was up at IKEA with mum looking at, well, um, EVERYTHING! Just got home with a new swivel chair, paper bin and some kitchen day!

Till we meet again,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So...what do I do now!? that my permanent holiday residency (Sar's place) is un-available because of a 2 WEEK holiday in Queensland!?!?

Thus I am starting a random posts and scrapping sequence.....just for funsies!

Any-hoo... I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year...

Ruby did (above).

So far all I've done is pull out the contents of my scrap tote them put it all back in again...cleaned and sorted my room (OMG!)
I think I might go and paint and hopefully start on a off the page wall hanging thingo...wish me luck!


Monday, December 28, 2009


I am holding a class @ Scrapbooking Delights 10.30 on the 16th of January (saturday).
The cost of the class is $40 to make a 12x12 canvas and 3 cards, and that includes everything, papers, adhesives, aphlas, 12x12 canvas, cards, embellishments, and you get to keep the extras! ;) (all that's needed is cutting equipment, but don't fret Sandra and I will arrange something if there are any problems).
So come along, have some fun, nothing extravagant.

Here's the canvas you will be making!

Any enquiries call Sandra @ 0414639194
So spread the word!!


Just a quick post...

...before I get sacked from Savvy for not uploading...hehehe!
Curretly having a scrap and chat with the girls and hesitating another LO!

-a Savvy challenge for the december cybercrop-

-just because LO! Of me and the wonderful PJ

-yet another just because page of the retreat girls on "green day"-

-Fantastic blind scrap by PJ of buba and her "speed crawl"-

-And a LO using the december girl kit, on a boy page! Of the Mr. Kobe!-

Well there's my entry for now...look forward to another one thus to keep the blogger ball rolling!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday night crop!

Here's one from friday night two week s ago..thats how bad a blogger I am!!

This one here is a bit of a random one! But hey! Random is my middle name!

Really pleased with this one, it's a kit from scrapbooking delights for a competition..but silly me forgot where I put it didn't I?!?!

This is probably my fav of the night! very simple, calm colours!

On the other hand this one of beautiful Bronte reallly bright!

Another from that gorgeous kit!

And another random LO! Playing with the kaiser pearl strips...turned out nice if I do say so myself! hehehe!
Sorry for the bad blogging....jeez you'd think I was moving house or something! hehehe